The Velocity of Honey: And More Science of Everyday Life

Ingram, Jay
Thunder's Mouth Press
ISBN 1-56025-654-0
Date finished: 2007-03-22

A collection of short essays about science (primarily physics and human psychology) by the former host of CBC's Quirks and Quarks. Ingram's writing has a light touch but is still often thought-provoking; I especially liked the essays on how mosquitos find humans to prey upon, the surprising weakness of Milgram's six-degrees-of-separation experiments, and a sad yet oddly bracing piece on how time seems to pass faster as we get older. (In terms of subjective experience, we've had about half our experiences by the age of 20. That could be depressing -- my life is already more than half over in terms of experience -- but I find it a reminder to keep my activities interesting.)

Tagged: essays, science


%T The Velocity of Honey
%S And More Science of Everyday Life
%A Ingram, Jay
%@ 2007-03-22
%K essays, science
%G ISBN 1-56025-654-0
%P 200pp
%I Thunder's Mouth Press
%C New York

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