Unlocking the Clubhouse: Women in Computing

Fisher, Allan; Margolis, Jane
MIT Press 2002
ISBN 0-262-63269-1
Date finished: 2007-04-30

The authors led an effort to improve female enrollment in computer science at CMU. They interviewed female students from their entry in the program until they graduated or switched to another major. They also compared the differing motivations of male and female students for choosing computer science in the first place.

Points I walked away with:

I imagine most of these points also apply to increasing female participation in other sciences.

Tagged: computing, feminism

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%T Unlocking the Clubhouse
%S Women in Computing
%I MIT Press
%G ISBN 0-262-63269-1
%@ 2007-04-30
%A Margolis, Jane
%A Fisher, Allan
%K computing, feminism
%D 2002
%P 172pp


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