I Love You, Let's Meet: Adventures in Online Dating

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Vitzthum, Virginia
Little, Brown and Company 2007
ISBN 0-316-02124-5
Date finished: 2007-07-28

A survey of online dating in 2006. This isn't a collection of horror stories and funny anecdotes, though there are a few of those; the author is trying to survey different aspects of online dating by interviewing a few representative individuals or couples, so the book is actually a bit dry. People can become overly picky, discarding profiles for trivial mismatches or after only one or two dates. The medium could have been custom-designed for sex addicts and the deceptive. Since 2000 the most popular dating sites have become increasingly commercial and their advertising and editorial material tries to foster anxiety in users -- is your date married, or a felon? is your ad appealing enough to the average reader? pay for premium service on our site and get background checks or a larger font! In the last chapter, Vitzthum is pessimistic, suggesting that "now the dating sites sell to our fear of fitting in" and "online dating subtly infects the relations between people". Maybe online dating will wane because of this, but the impulse is so strong that I doubt it will.

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%T I Love You, Let's Meet
%S Adventures in Online Dating
%@ 2007-07-28
%P 285pp
%K marriage
%G ISBN 0-316-02124-5
%D 2007
%I Little, Brown and Company
%A Vitzthum, Virginia
%U http://ilylm.virginiavitzthum.com/
%W http://virginiavitzthum.com/


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