The Naked Olympics: The True Story of the Ancient Games

Perrottet, Tony; Illustrated by: Thelander, Lesley
Random House 2004
ISBN 0-8129-6991-X
Date finished: 2007-07-13

Perrottet, author of Pagan Holiday, returns to the Classical Greek era for this breezy account of how the original Olympic games were organized. The ancient games were the responsibility of the city of Elis, and were a magnet for travellers. Greek track-and-field events had various small but interesting differences from their modern versions, and the combat events -- boxing, wrestling, and the brutal pankration -- were bloody and brutal. Champions erected statues of themselves and could count on a lifetime of public support; losers could count on nothing. Around the fringes of the events, authors would read their works, artists showed off new pieces, and courtesans plied their trade. A light but informative book.

Tagged: classics, sports


%T The Naked Olympics
%S The True Story of the Ancient Games
%A Perrottet, Tony
%G ISBN 0-8129-6991-X
%P 199pp
%D 2004
%I Random House
%Q Thelander, Lesley
%K classics, sports
%@ 2007-07-13

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