Pure Pagan: Seven Centuries of Greek Poems and Fragments

Raffel, Burton
Modern Library 2004
ISBN 0-679-64297-8
Date finished: 2008-01-02

A collection of Classical Greek poetry in translation, written between roughly the sixth century BC and the first century AD. Most of the poems are short, less than 15 lines, and lots of them are two-line epigrams. Raffel's translations are in natural-sounding English and are a pleasure to read. I really enjoy classic-era poetry; it can be melancholy, wistfully contemplating mortality, or happy praise of pleasures such as wine and soft pillows.

Tagged: ancient greece, classics, poetry

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%T Pure Pagan
%S Seven Centuries of Greek Poems and Fragments
%@ 2008-01-02
%K poetry, classics, ancient greece
%A Raffel, Burton
%D 2004
%I Modern Library
%C New York
%G ISBN 0-679-64297-8
%P 81pp


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