Astronomy Hacks

Thompson, Barbara Fritchman; Thompson, Robert Bruce
O'Reilly 2005
Date finished: 2008-07-18

65 tips and tricks for amateur astronomers. It starts off simple -- join an astronomy club, how to preserve your night vision, observing site etiquette, the basic ideas of coordinate systems and magnitudes -- and later gets into more complicated equipment maintenance tasks: collimate your scope, clean your lens, calculate and enhance the optical characteristics of your scope. There's useful advice on how to buy a binocular and a telescope, the latter including a lengthy rundown of the various types of telescopes. I hope we someday move away from the heavily light-polluted DC area to somewhere with darker night skies. When that happens, we'll certainly take up amateur astronomy; item #1 will be to buy a copy of this book, re-read it, and take notes.

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%T Astronomy Hacks
%A Thompson, Robert Bruce
%A Thompson, Barbara Fritchman
%K astronomy
%I O'Reilly
%@ 2008-07-18
%P 378pp
%D 2005

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