What Is Your Dangerous Idea?

Ed. Brockman, John
HarperPerennial 2007
ISBN 978-0-06-121495-0
Date finished: 2008-08-14

A follow-up to 2006's What We Believe But Cannot Prove, this book poses the title question to one hundred intellectuals, mostly scientists with a few philosophers and artists scattered in. Like the earlier book, there are definite trends and patterns to the answers. Several subjects are common to a number of writers:

There are also some intriguing ideas that are unique to one person. David Lykken suggests we will license parents some day; Daniel C. Dennett suggests that we are inventing more memes than our brains can collectively hold, signalling the end of common reference points; Juan Enriquez suggests the US will break up (oh please, yes); Leo M. Chalupa suggests we should spend one day absolutely alone, with no verbal interactions of any kind (written or spoken; live or recorded).

There's lots of material in this book to spark ideas, to make you alternately optimistic or pessimistic, and to argue over with friends.

Tagged: essays, science

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%T What Is Your Dangerous Idea?
%E Brockman, John
%K essays, science
%@ 2008-08-14
%* *
%G ISBN 978-0-06-121495-0
%I HarperPerennial
%D 2007
%P 301pp


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