Mere Anarchy

Allen, Woody
Random House 2007
ISBN 978-1-4000-6641-4
Date finished: 2008-12-01

In the 1970s Woody Allen published three collections of essays and plays that are certainly classics of American comic writing. Recently Allen began writing essays again, publishing them primarily in the New Yorker, and this little book collects this recent work.

Allen's work here is very strongly patterned on S.J. Perelman's essays. There are the characters with comical names (Max Endorphine, April Fleshpot, Mike Umlaut), the hapless narrator who is pushed around by overbearing acquaintances or by his wife, and the occasional news story that serves as inspiration. This collection isn't quite up to the standard of the 1970s works -- I can remember lots of lines from them, and little from this book even though I just read it -- but it's an enjoyable little amusement.

Tagged: essays, humour


%T Mere Anarchy
%A Allen, Woody
%@ 2008-12-01
%K essays, humour
%D 2007
%I Random House
%C New York
%G ISBN 978-1-4000-6641-4
%P 160pp

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