Six Degrees: Our Future on a Hotter Planet

Lynas, Mark
National Geographic 2008
ISBN 978-1426203855
Date finished: 2010-04-14

Mark Lynas explores the scientific literature describing the impact of different increases, ranging from one to six degrees, in the global average temperature. By the time we have a 2-degree increase, things are already looking very bad: acidified oceans, heat waves in Europe and the Mediterranean's shift to a Sahara-like climate, greatly reduced river flows in both North and South America, and the disappearance of the Arctic ice cap. We also begin flirting with unstoppable natural feedbacks such as the release of permafrost and ocean floor methane; models are still uncertain, so the exact point of no return is unknown. I found this a relentlessly depressing book; the consequences just get worse and worse, but our psychology and politics is probably incapable of dealing with the problem, and there's probably only a decade or two to take action.

Tagged: climate change


%T Six Degrees
%S Our Future on a Hotter Planet
%A Lynas, Mark
%K climate change
%@ 2010-04-14
%I National Geographic
%G ISBN 978-1426203855
%P 336pp
%D 2008

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