Nearest Star: The Surprising Science of Our Sun

Golub, Leon; Pasachoff, Jay M.
Harvard University Press 2001
ISBN 0-674-00467-1
Date finished: 2010-07-26

A survey of solar astronomy and physics, covering what we know about sunspots, their formation, the Sun's internal structure, eclipses, and the Sun's effect on Earth's climate, written at about the level of a Scientific American article (so there's significant detail about the physics and instrumentation and no hesitation about showing graphs, but equations are not presented). While the book is probably slightly out of date now, it's still a recent enough survey to be relevant. It's astonishing to learn that we're able to measure solar oscillations -- sunquakes -- and from them derive the speed of material flows inside the sun. I also really liked their chapter on climate, which discusses the Milankovich cycles and why the current warming is believed to be from human influence, not a natural cycle or solar variation.

Tagged: astronomy


%T Nearest Star
%S The Surprising Science of Our Sun
%A Golub, Leon
%A Pasachoff, Jay M.
%K astronomy
%D 2001
%I Harvard University Press
%P 259pp
%@ 2010-07-26
%G ISBN 0-674-00467-1
%* *

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