The Best of Technology Writing

Ed. Koerner, Brendan I.
U. of Michigan Press 2006
ISBN 0-472-03195-3
Date finished: 2010-09-07

This was the first collection of technology-related writing in this series, and for its inaugural volume relied heavily upon Wired, the New York Times, and the New Yorker. Highlights are: Joshua Davis's "La Vida Robot", about four illegal immigrants who turn out to be talented engineers, winning an underwater robotics competition; Alex Ross's meditation on what influence recording technologies have had on classical music; Dan Ferber's Popular Science account of an artificial-muscle design competition; Mike Daisey's wry anecdote about a Van De Graaf generator; and Justin Mullins's survey of jetpack technology.

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%T The Best of Technology Writing
%E Koerner, Brendan I.
%K technology
%G ISBN 0-472-03195-3
%I U. of Michigan Press
%P 287pp
%D 2006
%@ 2010-09-07

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