The Paperback Book

Mercer, Rick
Anchor Canada 2007
ISBN 978-0-385-66519-3
Date finished: 2011-02-09

A collection of Mercer's commentary and rants from his TV show "The Rick Mercer Report", focused on Canadian federal politics from 2004 (or so) up to 2007. He's also known for chumming around with politicians, managing to go skinny-dipping with Bob Rae or have a sleepover at 24 Sussex. I don't know how well this book works if you're not familiar with the show and haven't seen one of his trademark walk-and-talk rants... but if you know the show, the written rants capture his delivery really well and are very funny.

Tagged: canada, humour, politics


%T The Paperback Book
%A Mercer, Rick
%@ 2011-02-09
%G ISBN 978-0-385-66519-3
%P 295pp
%K politics, canada, humour
%D 2007
%I Anchor Canada

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