Down to the Wire: Confronting Climate Collapse

Orr, David W.
Oxford University Press 2009
ISBN 978-0195393538
Date finished: 2011-05-04

Argues that society has not confronted the magnitude of the changes required to cope with climate change, and time is getting short. I found this book profoundly depressing -- the impacts are numberless and we're doing hardly anything -- and unsatisfying. I've read a number of similar titles lately, and they can be summarized in point form:

And then the books usually end. How to get past this resistance is an immensely difficult task and really the most serious problem, yet it's never discussed. This is so disappointing; we have endless books describing the issue and the forces against doing anything about it, but the only suggestions on overcoming those forces are vague platitudes. Joe Romm of Climate Progress is encouraging the use of the term "climate hawk" to parallel the foreign-policy meaning of "hawk". It's not much, but at least it's an idea. Do we need to reform the US political system first? Is there a strategy for reaching the public? I didn't find anything here about that.

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%T Down to the Wire
%S Confronting Climate Collapse
%A Orr, David W.
%I Oxford University Press
%G ISBN 978-0195393538
%P 288pp
%@ 2011-05-04
%D 2009
%K climate change

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