Complications: A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science

Gawande, Atul
Metropolitan 2002
ISBN 0-8050-6319-6
Date finished: 2011-06-12

A collection of thoughtful essays from Salon and The New Yorker on the practice of medicine and surgery, and on the experience of being a surgical resident. Gawande deftly constructs these pieces around a personal account or a patient's story, so each essay is a compelling page-turner. There are stories of diagnostic errors, intuitive guesses that pan out, and the declining occurrence of autopsies. There's a fascinating piece on what happens when doctors go bad: their colleagues find it hard to accuse them, based on imperfect knowledge of what the misbehaving doctor is doing, and providing an impartial procedure greatly increases the odds of problems being reported. Three other good pieces are on particular medical problems: uncontrollable nausea, uncontrollable blushing, and over-eating.

Tagged: essays, medicine


%T Complications
%S A Surgeon's Notes on an Imperfect Science
%A Gawande, Atul
%K medicine, essays
%@ 2011-06-12
%D 2002
%I Metropolitan
%G ISBN 0-8050-6319-6
%P 269pp
%* *

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