The Art of Marriage: A Guide for Living Life As Two

Blyth, Catherine
Gotham 2011
ISBN 978-1-592-40610-4
Date finished: 2011-11-07

A short but closely written survey of marriage and how to keep it intact: how to treat your spouse, how to keep children from driving a wedge between the two of you, repairing the breach after adultery, handling money issues, etc. It's partly a self-help book with suggestions and principles and partly a ramble through people's anecdotes and thoughts on marriage. I greatly admire the book's conciseness. Most self-help books are relentlessly padded in order to stretch two or three ideas into 250 pages, but Blyth packs her lists into a few pages and then presents one after another (10 ways to fuel desire; 8 ways children stress a marriage and 8 ways money problems can damage one). She also lightly drops in historical references that give the text the effervescent feeling of smart cocktail party conversation. The book is informative and probably useful, while also really a lot of fun.

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%T The Art of Marriage
%S A Guide for Living Life As Two
%A Blyth, Catherine
%G ISBN 978-1-592-40610-4
%I Gotham
%D 2011
%K marriage
%P 275pp
%@ 2011-11-07
%* *

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