Catilina's Riddle

Saylor, Steven
Ivy Books 1993
ISBN 0-8041-1269-X
Date finished: 2013-07-25

Third in the Gordianus the Finder series. Gordianus has retired to a farm in Etruria, left to him as an old friend's legacy. His former associate Cicero, now risen to the summit as consul, sends an agent asking Gordianus to provide shelter to the radical political candidate Catalina. Soon after this request, a headless body is found on the farm. And then another. Gordianus is then increasingly entangled in late Republic politics, with Catilina campaigning for the consulship and Cicero delivering muck-raking attacks through a turbulent election campaign.

I enjoyed the book, and Saylor made the cut-and-thrust of political maneuvering interesting. I should note that the mystery turns out to be a very small part of the book, and the question of who was killed and why is forgotten for long stretches at a time, only to be wrapped up at the end. If it wasn't third in a series of mysteries, this book would probably be presented as an imaginative historical novel with a minor mystery subplot.

Tagged: ancient rome, mystery


%T Catilina's Riddle
%A Saylor, Steven
%K mystery, ancient rome
%G ISBN 0-8041-1269-X
%I Ivy Books
%C New York
%P 463pp
%D 1993
%@ 2013-07-25

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