We Learn Nothing: Essays and Cartoons

Kreider, Tim
Free Press 2012
ISBN 978-1-4391-9870-4
Date finished: 2013-08-11

The essays in this book are about relationships: romantic partners, parents, siblings, best friends, and that friend who's unreliable but also enteratining. They're candid and funny, though they're still insightful -- they take the subject seriously, even though it's not necessarily presented very seriously. I was especially struck by "Escape from Pony Island", about a former friend who has become single-mindedly concerned with peak oil; "Bad People", about a bipolar uncle and his sad trudge through life and into prison; "Chutes and Candyland", on a friend's transition from male to female; and "The Referendum", on how we get increasingly defensive of our choices.

(I heard of this book through Kreider's essay on book covers in the New Yorker, read most of one essay on Amazon, and really liked it.)

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%T We Learn Nothing
%S Essays and Cartoons
%A Kreider, Tim
%K essays
%G ISBN 978-1-4391-9870-4
%I Free Press
%P 224pp
%D 2012
%@ 2013-08-11


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