What's Wrong With Homosexuality?

Corvino, John
Oxford UP 2013
ISBN 978-0-19-985631-2
Date finished: 2014-01-13

Corvino gave an excellent talk, Gay Sex in a Disenchanted Universe, at Skepticon 6 that dismantled the logic of arguments that homosexuality is immoral. This book presents the same arguments as his talk, in more detail and with fewer jokes. Corvino tackles the Christian arguments against homosexuality (the Bible doesn't say much about it, and why should we follow the Bible's statements while ignoring what it says about slavery and polygamy?), natural-law arguments (which merely build anti-gay prejudice into the argument's unsupported assertions), and the relevance of whether homosexuality is a choice or an in-built affinity. He also discusses the slippery-slope argument: does accepting same-sex marriage require also accepting polygamy or incest? The arguments are explained clearly, and Corvino describes the possible objections and rebuttals. A good resource on the philosophy and ethics surrounding this issue.

Tagged: philosophy, sex

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%T What's Wrong With Homosexuality?
%A Corvino, John
%K philosophy, sex
%G ISBN 978-0-19-985631-2
%I Oxford UP
%P 159pp
%D 2013
%@ 2014-01-13


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