Adventures with the Wife in Space: Living With Doctor Who

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Perryman, Neil
Faber & Faber 2013
ISBN 978-0571298112
Date finished: 2014-05-18

The author, a long-time Doctor Who fan, and his non-fan wife Sue began watching the entire series and writing a weekly weblog with her critical commentary. They were completists, even watching telesnap reconstructions of lost Hartnell and Troughton stories. The outcome is surprising: Sue ends up liking Doctor Who better and Neil ends up liking it less. Troughton is the surprising discovery for her, which is what I thought when I did my watch-through several years ago: Troughton was a surprisingly good actor and his scripts are also often clever. Perryman also charts the rise and fall and resurrection of his interest in the show, and how this is woven into his academic career and personal life, blending a personal memoir with the episode criticism. Fans will love it.

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%T Adventures with the Wife in Space
%S Living With Doctor Who
%A Perryman, Neil
%P 304pp
%I Faber & Faber
%D 2013
%G ISBN 978-0571298112
%K doctor who
%@ 2014-05-18
%* *

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