Dial H For Hero: Into You (vol. 1)

MiƩville, China; Illustrated by: Santolucco, Mateus
DC 2012
ISBN 978-1-4012-3775-2
Date finished: 2014-05-04

A reboot of an old DC series in which dialling the letters HERO on a phone turns the dialler into a random superhero for a few hours. Hapless slob Nelson Jent stumbles across the dial and finds himself stuck in a battle with a crime lord, pursued by the mysterious Manteau, and trying to discover the forces behind the dial. I liked Nelson's story, which switches between exciting and funny. There's a witty episode where he dials a politically-incorrect hero and has to stay inside, and a final story that hints at how the dial works. Checking Wikipedia, I learned that the series was cancelled after 15 issues, and there's a second TPB that collects the rest of it; I'm going to have to borrow or buy it.

Tagged: comics

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%T Dial H For Hero
%S Into You
%V 1
%A MiƩville, China
%Q Santolucco, Mateus
%K comics
%G ISBN  978-1-4012-3775-2
%C New York
%D 2012
%@ 2014-05-04
%* *


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