The Best of Verity Stob

Stob, Verity
Apress 2005
ISBN 1-59059-442-8
Date finished: 2014-06-13

Collects Stob's humour columns from 1988 up to 2004, originally written for computer magazines such as .EXE and DDJ and briefly for the web site The Register. Some of this material depends closely on remembering the programming tech of the era -- VBX controls, OLE/COM/DCOM, Borland's compilers -- but much of it is more general workplace comedy oriented toward programmers and our lives of deadlines, requirements, and bugs. Stob didn't write with as densely-woven a web of references as James Mickens, and she usually isn't as sardonic as Stan Kelly-Bootle, but her pieces are still clever and funny. Another rare example of successful computer humour.

Tagged: computing, humour


%T The Best of Verity Stob
%A Stob, Verity
%K computing, humour
%G ISBN 1-59059-442-8
%I Apress
%P 309pp
%D 2005
%@ 2014-06-13

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