The Best American Medical Writing 2009

Ed. Chen, Pauline W.
Kaplan Publishing 2009
ISBN 978-1-60714-464-9
Date finished: 2014-07-07

A selection of medically-themed pieces, chosen along the same lines as the "Science and Nature Writing Series", but apparently not a success; 2009 is the only year this was published. (Oddly it was published by Kaplan, better-known as a for-profit school)

I found the collection very well-chosen despite being depressing, with pieces such as:

Of course, people won't write stories or essays about well-solved issues such as broken bones. Instead they write about difficult unsolved problems, such as cancer, mental illness, or failures of the US medical system. (The pieces chosen are rather US-centric, a minor flaw.) So there's probably no way for the collection to avoid being gloomy and focused on failure. I don't think I could bear to read another one.

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%T The Best American Medical Writing 2009
%E Chen, Pauline W.
%K medicine, essays
%G ISBN 978-1-60714-464-9
%I Kaplan Publishing
%P 318pp
%D 2009
%@ 2014-07-07

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