The Best African-American Essays 2010

Ed. Early, Gerald; Kennedy, Randall
One World / Ballantine 2010
ISBN 978-0-553-38537-3
Date finished: 2015-09-25

Second collection of pieces either by African Americans that aren't necessarily about race, or pieces on African-American subjects. This collects pieces from 2008 and 2009, so there are a bunch of pieces on Obama, his candidacy, and the significance of his election. It's interesting to revisit them as Obama's second term draws to an end; there are pieces from early 2008 that are certain he's unelectable, or that the election signalled a new post-ethnic future.

Pieces I especially liked:

It was a good collection, and it's a pity that the series only lasted for two volumes.

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%T The Best African-American Essays 2010
%E Early, Gerald
%E Kennedy, Randall
%K essays, african-american
%G ISBN 978-0-553-38537-3
%I One World / Ballantine
%C New York
%P 366pp
%D 2010
%@ 2015-09-25

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