Employee of the Month: And Other Big Deals

Pehl, Mary Jo; Illustrated by: Peralta, Len
Nice Ankles 2011
ISBN 978-1-46637-802-5
Date finished: 2015-09-05

Collects a bunch of Pehl's humourous pieces, on topics such as living with her parents, moving to New York, getting married, and travel misadventures in China and Peru. Enjoyable and funny; I wish she'd do more.

Tagged: essays

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%T Employee of the Month
%S And Other Big Deals
%A Pehl, Mary Jo
%Q Peralta, Len
%K essays
%G ISBN 978-1-46637-802-5
%I Nice Ankles
%W http://www.mjpehl.com
%P 122pp
%D 2011
%@ 2015-09-05


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