Dark Visions: Personal Accounts of the Mysterious in Canada

Ed. Colombo, John Robert
Hounslow Press 1992
ISBN 0-88882-142-5
Date finished: 2015-11-04

Colombo is a well-known Canadian anthologist and editor, who's assembled many collections of quotations and themed collections. This book assembles a bunch of primary sources on "the mysterious", loosely defined. There are accounts of First Nation shamans, poltergeists, Sasquatch sightings, ghosts and hauntings, UFOs, and spiritual experiences. I am always impressed by the range and obscurity of the sources that Colombo extracts material from, but not all of it is interesting. The early historical material is really good, as are the hauntings and poltergeists, but the last few chapters have lots of boring New Age-y ramblings from now-obscure people and are best skipped. (These probably seemed very current in 1992.)

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%T Dark Visions
%S Personal Accounts of the Mysterious in Canada
%E Colombo, John Robert
%K parapsychology, canada
%G ISBN 0-88882-142-5
%I Hounslow Press
%W http://colombo.ca/
%P 240pp
%D 1992
%@ 2015-11-04


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