The Best Canadian Essays 1990

Ed. Fetherling, Douglas
Fifth House Publishers 1990
ISBN 0-920079-63-6
Date finished: 2016-05-17

An essay collection of mixed quality. There are a few essays that are painfully dull. There are more essays that are decent journalistic articles but aren't especially noteworthy for either the subject or their style. For example, Geoffrey Smith's "Historical Perspectives on AIDS" is an interesting historical survey of 20th-century responses to STDs; I found the subject interesting but the style isn't anything remarkable, though I found it just decent expository prose. For me the high points of the collection were:

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%T The Best Canadian Essays 1990
%E Fetherling, Douglas
%K essays
%G ISBN 0-920079-63-6
%I Fifth House Publishers
%C Saskatoon
%P 322p
%D 1990
%@ 2016-05-17

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