The Productive Programmer

Ford, Neal
O'Reilly 2008
ISBN 978-0-596-51978-0
Date finished: 2016-06-01

A discussion of how to improve your programming productivity. Part I of the book is on how to shape your personal environment, and some of the suggestions included:

Part II discusses how to design software projects to make them easier to develop by incorporating unit tests, doing code analysis to find bugs statically, and designing your classes and methods in clearly structured ways.

Written in 2008, this book is strongly focused on Java with a few small Ruby examples, and it's mostly about the problems of someone working on a large software system in a corporate environment. Part I on improving your working environment might be more educational to a relatively junior programmer, but I didn't get too much out of it (beyond the impetus to enable virtual desktops on my MacOS laptop). Part II had more new material, but I still didn't get too much out of the book.

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%T The Productive Programmer
%A Ford, Neal
%K programming, productivity
%G ISBN 978-0-596-51978-0
%I O'Reilly
%P 197pp
%D 2008
%@ 2016-06-01

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