A Slip of the Keyboard: Collected Nonfiction

Pratchett, Terry
Doubleday 2014
ISBN 978-0-385-53830-5
Date finished: 2016-06-05

When will I be able to read a Pratchett book without missing him? Not yet, clearly. This collects a bunch of nonfiction pieces: reflections on the writing process, on the role and construction of fantasy literature; reminiscences about childhood, journalism, and his job as a nuclear-plant PR writer; sharper and more activist pieces on disappearing orangutans, his Alzheimer's, and assisted dying. Almost every piece is entertaining and the collection is addictive. I especially admire the serious and angry pieces: Pratchett is very good at laying out his arguments in plain and blunt language, and it shows the steel underneath the cuddly humourist exterior.

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%T A Slip of the Keyboard
%S Collected Nonfiction
%A Pratchett, Terry
%K essays
%G ISBN 978-0-385-53830-5
%I Doubleday
%P 307pp
%D 2014
%@ 2016-06-05


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